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Peritoneal Terminology

Q.573. What are the causes of intradialytic hemolysis?

Peritoneal Terminology

Non-A.P.D. = Non-automated peritoneal dialysis (P.D.).

Acute P.D. (Acute P.D.) = I.P.D. (intermittent P.D.).   

CAPD (Continuous ambulatory P.D.)= multiple exchanges during day (us.3) foll. by  over-night dwell. A modification: one nighttime exchange é exchange device 👉2 overnight exchanges+3 exchanges é day.

A.P.D.= Automated P.D.: consist of continuous cycler P.D. (CCPD), nightly intermittent P.D. (NIPD) & tidal P.D. (TPD):

CCPD. (Continuous Cycler P.D.)=  long daytime dwell + several cycles overnight.  Some ptn. don't hv a daytime dwell & some must do a daytime or midday exchange.

INPD (Intermittent Noctornal P.D.)= intermittent techniques, such as nightly intermi-ttent P.D. (NIPD) or intermittent P.D. (IPD), hv ttt. periods ("wet" abd.) alternating é times dur. wch Pr. cavity hs bn drained of Dzt ("dry" abd.).

TPD (tidal P.D.): Pr. cavity always contains at least some Dzt (us.1/2 full) 👉 improves comfort & facilitates drainage . Ptn. may or may not hv a daytime dwell.

DAPD (Daytime ambulatory P.D.)= similar to NIPD except that the exchanges are performed manually during the day.

Optimized P.D.:      . واحده زياده بالنهار مع الشاي 

PET: see Q.645

SEP: see Q.651

{الحمد لله الذي بنعمته تتم الصالحات.}