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Q.235. What is calcific uremic arteriopathy (CUA)?



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?Q.235. What is calcific uremic arteriopathy (CUA  

A. CUA= Calciphlaxis: Ch.Ch. by diffuse medial calcification of the small & medium-sized arterioles. Intimal proliferation & thrombosis occ. Painful skin ulceration & necrosis. Parathyroidectomy (Pec.) may be beneficial if there’s marked hyperpara. Warfarin ppt. the syndrome, probably by f.VII-depend-ent anticoagulant proteins.

?Q.236. What’s Calciphylaxis? What is new in its therapy

A. Caciphylaxisis a: {Systemic “medial calcification”, in ESRD ptn. é sev. Hyperpara. ttted é Vit. D.}. D.D.: [Cellulitis- vasculitis- mixed Cryo.- cho-lesterol embolization]…       New therapies include:

*      Hyperparic O2 therapy.

*      Pamidronate” & oral “etidronate Ü resolve ulcers & calciphylaxis les.

?Q.237. Describe the evolution of MIA syndrome

A. Malnutrition, Inflammation & Atherosclerosis synd. describes wasting as part of an inflmm. state ass. é CVS dis. It's not responsive to édietary intake. MIA explains the é CVS risk é failing kidney. The evolution of athero. is an inflmm. process, é é evidence that CRP enhances this proceass. CKD ptn haveé CRP & other proinflmm. cytokines incl. IL-6. The low s. albumin sn in MIA reflects ongoing inflammation &Feffect of cytokines on GIT, rather poor nutritional intake. ®

?Q.238. How could “sickle cell” anemia harm the kidney